Holidays Hacks (As promised)

Hack #1: If you have no idea what to get a person, or have a ton of people to gift, buy cute boxes, fill half way to two thirds of the way with tissue paper, and fill the rest with candy. 🍬 🍭 🍫 I wound up doing this, as I had fifteen people to give presents to, and I’m pretty sure it worked. Personally, I would not mind getting a box of candy.

Hack #2: This is a super easy, very cute hack I thought of, though I won’t take full credit since I think the world could have thought of this. Take two vanilla wafers, put ice cream in the middle. If you really want to dress it up, roll the ‘ice cream sandwich’ in crushed candy, sprinkles, or anything else of your choice. Enjoy!

Hack #3: Okay, this is more of a caution than a hack, but I’m putting this out there. People, if you have long hair, I know it’s really pretty out, but if you’re lighting a candle, put it up!!! πŸ•― Last year I was lighting candles and the end of my hair caught fire for a split second. (No one believes me, but I felt it!) Seriously, put it up, light the candle, take it down again. Simple.Β 

Hack #4: Like most of myΒ original ideas, I think everyone knows this one, but a great prank to pull is to give someone a fake gift. For example: If I knew my sister wanted a phone so badly for Channukah, I could take a box with the apple label on it the size for a phone, and put…how about….. a can of soup inside. So when she takes off the wrapping paper, she gets excited that I bought her a phone, opens the box to fine her ‘phone’ is actually a can of soup. Yup, it’s fun to watch.Β 

Hack #5: So, I know for me at least, I always really want to make super random crafts. Here’s what you need for this one-

  • A base (cardboard, wood, etc.)
  • Cotton balls
  • Cardboard
  • A stapler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Any additional decorations of your choice (glitter recommended)

First, you staple cotton balls all over whatever your base is. (This represents snow) You should then cut out whatever shape you want out of the cardboard (a tree, a deer, ANYTHING!) and glue it onto your base. Basically, after that, all you need to do is decorate it however you wish! (I DUMPED glitter all over mine, but it’s totally your choice) See? Super fun, super cute, super easy. πŸ’

So anyway, hope this helped you guys! Have a VERY happy holidays, and if you wind up doing one of these, tell me how it worked in the comment section! (You could even put in a picture!) Don’t forget to like and follow as well!





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