Prank Wars

I wanted to say something about pranking. I don’t know about any of you, but i have a sister. She is about 18 months younger than me, so we are pretty close in age. This means, we are either really good at agreeing, or really good at disagreeing. We agreed to have a prank wars, but we often disagree on the limited amount of rules. We decided that we couldn’t break any of the other participants things, and we couldn’t wreck their social lives. I thought that copying another person’s prank was an unspoken foul, but I was wrong.

So one day, she plastic wrapped my iPad. I pretended not to notice. We had a friend over at the time, and I asked her to pretend to want to go outside. My sister had been asking to go outside the entire morning. So while my sister fell for that, I took a plastic wrap streamer, and completely plastic wrapped her entire room! It was so cool!Β 

When she got back in she walked in to her room entirely coated in streams of plastic wrap! I don’t mean that sheets were covering stuff, I mean that I took a plastic wrap streamer and wrapped it around her room. It looked like a giant obstacle course. Or a giant laser wire trap. You wouldn’t even be able to scoot under it on the floor. And the best part was that I wrapped the handles of her dresser drawers in, so that if you tried to walk through it to take it down, you might knock down her dresser or pull out the drawers! It was the perfect prank! However…

Later I had Rachel over and our sisters are friends too. My sister got hers to help do the same thing to my space in the basement. But thankfully, my space in the basement is directly below my room. I heard them talking and stopped them before they finished. But they did also cover all of my furniture in sheets. I couldn’t even find the scissors and I was mad. So instead I just ran through it and hacked it all apart with a pocket knife. :]

Anyways, lesson learned, always set rules that have no loop holes and if you feel as though something goes without saying, say it anyways. Then ask yourself…Β ARE YOU A WIDGET?




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