Weird Traditions:)

Every family has that one thing that other families just won’t get. Some sort of joke or tradition. My family’s joke/tradition, is one that has been going on for (I think) it is seven years now. We have a super stupid gift. And every year, one person is passed this ridiculous gift. The earwax vacuum. It started with my grandparents. My grandma gave it to my grandpa as a joke. Then my grandpa gave it to my uncle who gave it to my aunt who gave it to my dad who this year gave it to my 19 year old cousin. It was great. If you have any weird traditions/jokes like this comment below. We would love to hear about them!

P.S. The earwax vacuum was hilarious, but what killed it was the giant stuffed carrot! It was a present for my dad from my aunt/his sister. When he was in college he would light a giant stuffed carrot on fire and they would toss it around at parties. Now the carrot lives again!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!!!;)

Photo on 12-26-16 at 2.44 PM #2.jpgThis is the carrot that is soon going to be on fire. Bye Carrot! They carrot is so innocent it is almost sad.Β 

P.P.S. Are you a widget?




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